Monday, February 13, 2012


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14 months ago Janie was born. She's been strong willed since the start and is full of personality. The way she puts a smile on people's faces, from her grandparents to a stranger on the street, I hope will never change. Watching her develop and grow has been nothing but amazing and we're so thankful she's in our lives. We held a small party here for her with a bunch of her little baby friends. Daisy regularly holds playgroups with other expat moms here in Shanghai.

Click here to see more pictures from Janie's Birthday Party: Janie's Party

Chinese New Year also came a bit early this year. It's one of the two most insane travel times of the year here in China. Because we only got back from the US a couple of weeks before, we decided to make it more of a stay-cation and went with a few friends to a hotel not far from the city to just relax and hang out. We were home at midnight on New Year's Eve though, and because we live on a pretty big street in a central area, we were treated to some insane fireworks right outside of our bedroom window. Janie LOVES the fireworks, but unfortunately, midnight is a bit too late for her. See below for video of actual Chinese New Year fireworks in China:
Chinese New Year 2012 - Shanghai

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