Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pumping Iron

posted by Alan
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Whenever I'm back in New York, people always seem to be surprised that I haven't shrunken down to 5'7 and 120 lbs after living in China. It's not completely unwarranted, as I did lose 10 lbs back when I lived in Henan province for a couple of years. The main reason was the lack of protein from meat. Tofu and eggs are NO substitute for some delicious, hearty meat. But we live in Shanghai now, and meat is plentiful.

Fitness is also becoming more and more a part of everyday life here in China. It's not at the level that it should be, but it's slowly getting there. In the US, most people try to maintain some sort of physical fitness level. Over here, it's sort of a niche thing. The select group of people that are into fitness are REALLY into it. The rest just aren't. Gyms mostly rely on attracting this select group, foreigners and people that like yoga and/or swimming. I go to a gym called Will's, which is a nice chain that is probably at the level of NYSC in New York. There are cheaper ones (Bally's level) and much nicer ones as well (Equinox). The standard price at my gym is $300 for a 1-year membership. I negotiated $300 for 17 months. It can get crowded in the evening, just like gyms back in New York, but I'm able to go during the day. I also do yoga class there once a week. Check it out below. Aside from the endless loop of Taylor Swift and korean pop music playing in the background, I can't complain.

In less masculine news, the first GAP store in Shanghai opened last week. Daisy was really excited because it's one of her favorite brands. She likes it enough for us to actually go there on our date night. She's easy to please. It looks and smells just like GAP back at home. It's US designs, but Asia sizing, so everything runs about one size smaller. The prices are about the same as the US. There was alot of hype about the opening, so it seems that it will be pretty popular here.

Latest pictures of Daisy. 3 weeks to go.
36 weeks and Toy Story 3

Response to comments:
Corey - Yup, it's baby season. They're popping out everywhere.
Cheryl - You guys gotta come back and visit! Although we still haven't made a trip to where you are yet. Its too cold. haha.
Corinna - We've just started playing rugby on Sunday mornings. You guys should learn it down under and come back to play.
Coolspotting - ....?
Artee - Last vacation for a few months at least. We do plan on taking her travelling though. Come with us!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

4 weeks to go

posted by Alan
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Lack of updates. Been busy with the closing of the Expo and getting ready for the baby to come. We had to give up a Saturday of beautiful weather last weekend to sit through a SIX HOUR prenatal class. Let's just say I learned alot of science. Much of which I could do without knowing. But we're just about ready for her to come. Here are some recent pictures of Daisy. She carries it well doesn't she? This blog is interactive. You can put your finger over her belly and she doesn't even look pregnant. Try it.
29 weeks; 30 weeks; 33 weeks

It's the beginning of November and the weather is a comfortable 65 degrees in Shanghai these days. We're trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I played rugby for the first time today and loved it. But man, it's incredibly tiring. We also made a trip out to play paintball a couple of weeks ago. Pretty standard stuff, but much cheaper than back in the US. For about $30 USD, we each got 2 hours of playing time, mask, camouflage and gun rentals and 200 paintballs. Really fun field with lots of moats, towers and obstacles too.

Click here to see the full album of pictures: Paintball Shanghai

Really looking forward to my cousin George comin to see us on his way to Thailand at the end of the month, and then my mom being here to help us with the baby and see what life is like out here for us.