Tuesday, December 6, 2011


posted by Alan
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Gongs in America
Dec 17 - 20: San Fransisco
Dec 21 - Jan 6: NYC

It seems like the Shanghai calendar runs based on events. Out here it's not a matter of having nothing to do, it's deciding which things you can actually make it to. And in the close knit community of expats in Shanghai, you're always bound to know someone who is involved with each thing, if it's not you yourself. Three weeks ago, I was the event manager for the Shanghai 2011 Global Leadership Summit, a worldwide conference that takes place in over 200 cities and 80 countries all over the world. Built on the vision of Pastor Bill Hybels at Willow Creek Church in Chicago, it has grown into the premier leadership event of it's kind, welcoming over 150,000 attendees worldwide. Last year was my first as an attendee and I was blown away by how inspiring and impressive it was. This was the third year the Summit was held in Shanghai and we had over 600 attendees. I absolutely recommend attending one if you can in your city. They take place at a few sites in and around NYC. You will learn and grow as a leader whether you're in ministry, business, education or even just socially. Click here for more info.

The weekend after, the NFL Experience came to Shanghai. The NFL is constantly promoting American football to the Chinese market and they set up a weekend event to promote the sport and the brand. Lots of interactive stations and American football teams competing. It was Daddy and Janie day as I begin her education of American sports. Sadly, her Jose Reyes T-shirt will only educate her on the heartache of being a Mets fan. And yes, her Daddy also went to Penn State. (sigh)

Janie doing the Heisman