Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moganshan & Singapore

posted by Alan
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About once a year, our Bble study group takes a retreat somewhere out of the city to get away for a few days, spend time with each other and spend more time with G0d. This year, we went to the famed Mogan Mountain (shan means mountain in mandarin). We came to Moganshan about one month after Daisy and I first arrived in Shanghai. You can check out that post here: Moganshan 2009

About 3 hours outside of Shanghai, Moganshan is a mountain covered in bamboo forest, like in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. There are numerous little houses and hotels dotted around the peak and makes for a great getaway with its fresh air and quietness.

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Two days before the retreat, I flew down to Singapore for leadership training. For the third time, Shanghai will be one of the many hosts worldwide of The Global Leadership Summit, where I'm serving as event manager. I'll write more about the actual Summit when it happens in November, but it was an inspiring and awesome three days and I'm excited to be a part of it. Singapore is just so....nice. Everything there is nice and clean and orderly and nice. Not sure how else to describe it. Even the airport feels like a 5 star hotel, not like an airport. And the food. Singaporeans take great pride in their food. I can understand why.

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