Thursday, March 15, 2012

Date Night

posted by Alan
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Every Wednesday evening, our Ayi (Nanny) comes at 6:30pm to watch Janie and put her to bed for the night and Daisy and I head out on our weekly Date Night. With Shanghai being such a busy place, it's so necessary for us to have designated time where we can just focus on us and our marriage, especially after having Janie, when so much of life can seem to revolve around her. It also gives us a chance to continue to explore what is now officially the world's largest city. Sometimes it' a simple night of dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and a movie (Wednesday is free for ladies) or a massage, but we usually try to think of something new and different to try.

This 'column' will become a regular subject every once in awhile, to highlight some of the places we've been or things we've done on our Date Nights.

I feel like I've posted this before, but this was definitely one of the more unique dates we've been on. Underground in a former bomb shelter, lies the East Shanghai Shooting and Archery Club. For $15 USD you can pick up a regulation size bow and shoot 10 arrows at a target. Not the most efficient use of time or money, but an interesting experience still. For even less efficient spending, you can shoot some real guns. We opted out of that option.

Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse
Our friend Graham (thanks dude) surprised us with a gift certificate for 1500RMB ($238 USD) to one of the best steakhouses in Shanghai. 1500RMB is an exorbitant amount for a meal here in Shanghai, but at this place, it wasn't hard to spend it all. While we wouldn't eat here under normal circumstances, it was definitely a treat, as we got steaks, a burger and all the sides we could handle. You'll pay a premium to find a good steak here in China, but they DO exist.

Cha's Hong Kong Restaurant
One of our normal standby's for date night when we're feeling lazy and just want some comfort food, Cha's is close by, well priced (abt 45RMB or $7/person) and serves up food and atmosphere that really capture mid-century Hong Kong. And the HK milk tea really tastes like HK milk tea.

Oh yeah...Janie walks!