Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I hate...

posted by Alan
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Spoiler Alert: We typically try to keep this blog light and fun to read with things we think and do here in Shanghai. Today's post is not so typical. If you read this blog because you enjoy the playful, entertaining aspect of it, i present you with a clip from my favorite cartoon of all time, Calvin & Hobbes. Read it, be entertained and please enjoy the rest of your day.

If you are prepared for something deeper, read on...and then enjoy the rest of your day.
This post is mildly inspired by my friend Mike C. and his own blog in which he had a post that was a venting of things that he hated. A common misconception people often refer to is "you're a christian, you're not supposed to hate anything." This would be incorrect. This post is not about or directed towards any one person. I love every person who is reading this. This post is about something I hate.

I hate the selfishness that leads to pride, that leads to envy, that leads to greed. I call it sin, some call it human nature. Call it what you want, it's real and it's there. I hate it in other people, and even more in myself. I hate what it does to people and I hate what it does to relationships. I hate the destructive things it makes people feel like they need to say, even though they don't really want to say them. Selfish, hurtful, scarring things that can be apologized for, but never taken back. I hate Satan and the lies he places in people's minds. The way he twists things that were meant for good into something so ugly.

Life is not a competition between people. We were created with enough of what we each need. Taking away from you is of no gain to me. It is isolating and exhausting to live life based on 'How Much Can I Get?' 'How much can I get?' becomes 'Where can I get it from?' 'Where can I get it from?' becomes 'Who is keeping me from getting it?' No matter how much we get, where will we put all it when we're done here?

Stop comparing. Stop competing. Allow yourself to be free. Start living.

Friday, August 6, 2010


posted by Alan
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I miss the New York City heatwave. 100 degree temperatures are no problem compared to 100 degree temperatures with humidity. Shanghai feels like a sauna these days and there don't seem to be signs of letting up. Although, coming from me, this isn't a complaint, it's just letting you know what it's like out here these days. I LOVE summer. Even more than Spring or Autumn. I would take this weather over cold, winter weather ANY day.

What I love about this weather is that it provides ample opportunity to do outdoor activities. It's not too hard to find a great outdoor pool either at a friends apartment complex or a hotel out here. The beach isn't too far from Shanghai either, which we've already been to once this year and will be going to again next week. The first time we went, there wasn't much sun, but with all the humidity, we don't need sun for it to be hot. And of course, there's always Ultimate Frisbee. For those of u who are planning to come visit, if you don't like this kind of weather, you know when NOT to come.

When we left Shanghai for our trip back to New York, it was hard to tell that Daisy was pregnant. Her baby bump mutated while we were home and now that we're back, people are like "whoa, NOW you're pregnant!"

3 Months, 4 months, 5 months

we've been back less than two weeks, but have already had a few visitors from home. Megan, Gen and Laureen, it was great having you guys in Shanghai. Hope you enjoyed the heat.

My Top-3 Summer Songs:
3. Summertime - Ghostface Killa feat. Beyonce
2. Fantastic Voyage - Coolio
1. Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Response to comments:
Corinna - Glad you made it down there safe. Man, with the warm weather and all the outdoor stuff to do in Australia, I wouldn't mind ending up there someday. We miss you at Ultimate. Thank them for Crocodile Dundee for me. Oh, and its a GIRL.