Monday, September 13, 2010

Year Two

posted by Alan
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What does it mean when something feels like it's been a long time, but also like it's happened really fast? That's what our two years of marriage have felt like. Today marks our two year anniversary, yet it feels like we've been married for many more than that. But then again, it feels like our wedding was just last month. We've been through alot our first two years of marriage and all the years after this promise to be even crazier (and there won't only be just the two of us anymore after this one). So Happy Anniversary to my awesome wife Daisy. She may not write on this blog much, but she reads every posting.

This past weekend, our friends here in Shanghai threw a baby shower for Daisy. It almost feels like we're cheating by having two of them (one in new york and one in shanghai). Special thanks to Corine, Bonita and Stella for organizing and to Suzana for planning the delivery of the gifts.
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The Organizers (Corine, Stella, Bonita)

A couple of weeks ago, our friend Dorothy was here visiting. She specializes in Eastern medicine, so I placed my trust in her hands and had my first acupuncture treatment here in China. Of course, I waited for an American to come here to do it. I had sprained my ankle a couple of weeks before and it wasn't fully healed. The treatment definitely helped the swelling go down and bit and loosen up the ankle. She even stuck a needle in my forehead which is supposed to relax you and make you drowsy. I felt drowsy, but I'm not sure if it was the needle or I was just drowsy. My final verdict: if you have a friend that is staying at your house and will treat you for free, I highly recommend it.

Response to comments:
Angela - No upcoming trips to HK planned...but you're welcome in Shanghai anytime!
Corinna - Checked ur pics on Facebook. Way to rub beautiful weather in our faces.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gong Bed & Breakfast

posted by Alan
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This summer has been the summer of visitors. My brother Steven and his friend Mike kicked it off. Since then it's been an endless stream of people passing through Shanghai, which has been great. I'll say it again, when living abroad, it's GREAT to see people from back home. Tiring too, but totally worth it. We specifically chose an apartment with an extra room so that people could use our place as refuge when they come visit. After the baby comes, we might need to start apartment hunting again though.

Pictures of some of our guests:
Genevieve and Laureen (and friends)

Dorothy and Grace

We went on a grape picking trip last week. Right up Daisy's alley. The girl loves her grapes. Not exactly exciting for me, but I'm always up for hanging out with people.

Next up (after Grace leaves) is a retreat with our small grp, a visit from Aunt Lois and then the Philippines for October holiday. Oh yes.