Friday, January 20, 2012

And We're Back

posted by Alan
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Taken by Daisy on the way to Brooklyn

Back and almost recovered from our bi(tri?)annual trip back to America. As we discovered in July, flying from Shanghai to California is much shorter and easier on jetlag than flying directly back to New York. It also gives us a mini-vacation in the process. So I think that's what we'll be doing now whenever we visit home....actually, Hawaii is on the way too....hmmmm....

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As I told my friend Pat, it's not weird coming back to New York anymore. It no longer feels like we're visiting one place or the other. It more just feels like we have two homes now. It's actually a great and liberating feeling. But I do believe that wherever you're supposed to be, you'll feel and know purpose there. It's not something you have to convince yourself, it's something you'll know. And at that time, that's where you belong. Chew on that one for a bit.

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Our trip was purposeful, fun and completely exhausting. It's always a blessing to be able to go back, because proper perspective is really hard to see until you step outside of where you're at. But it's also when you learn not to compare and just embrace different. I think only then you can really appreciate both.

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