Thursday, June 18, 2009

Da Beach

posted by Alan
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Last sunday we went to the beach. That prompted 80% of the people we know here in Shanghai to say, "There's a beach?" But yes, there's a beach. Shanghai is right on the Eastern coast of China. Actually "Shang Hai" literally means "On The Sea." Just for reference, it's not IN shanghai, it's in a coastal town called Jin Shan. Take the subway 10 minutes and then jump on a bus for an hour and you're there.

This being China, I didn't know what to expect, so I was picturing litter, naked children urinating into the water and dirty sand. I even wore my underwear under my board shorts because I wasn't planning on going into the water. But we were pleasantly surprised. Not only was the beach nice and clean, but it was even more serviced than beaches back in New York. Beach volleyball courts, drink and food stands right on the sand, they even rent jetskis and kayaks and a whole bunch of water sports activities. One difference is that there was a big sandbar or something that blocked all the waves, so the water was more like a big lake. Really comfortable temperature though and I haven't grown a third arm or anything yet, so I think it was clean. Felt great just lying there in the sand, chilling in the water and relaxing for a day. We'll definitely be back there this summer.

It's now entering the dreaded hot and humid summer here in Shanghai. I suppose it's better than the constant rain thats swallowing up New York these days, but at least the rain will end eventually. "It can't rain all the time." 1 Chinese RMB for anyone that can tell me what movie that line is from. I'm not really dreading the weather so much. I'm a hot weather person anyway. Air conditioning and water.

Tomorrow night we leave for a weekend camping trip in Zhejiang Province somewhere. 33 people. Should be alot of fun. Pictures and recap next week when we get back.

Click here for pictures: PICTURES OF JIN SHAN BEACH

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Calvin - Good book huh? We're actually studying it in one of our B Studies over here now, so Daisy is reading it now too.


  1. I've totally been to that beach!! Yay. Missing yall. You guys seem to be holding up well, I'm glad to see. I'm still praying for you two, about all the different things we talked about. I'm in Connecticut, and the air smells sweet. It's a nice place to go through the valley of indecision in. :) Lots of deer.

  2. (Daisy, you are looking very black :))

  3. oh good 4 guys! i never thought of people in China going to beaches...