Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just another weekend in the 'Hai...

(posted by Alan)
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So a few more pictures from Henry's last night/morning in Shanghai.
At our local favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant and out at Laris with Amy(nyc).

At Aji-Sen Ramen for early lunch. Their fruit ice is AWESOME.

Zai Jian Henry

So how is the weather in NYC? I heard a typhoon or something like it passed through. Supposedly the summers get hot and really humid here since we're right on the ocean (Shanghai literally means "on the sea"), but isn't New York right on the ocean too? Anyway, it hasn't hit yet and for almost the entire time we've been here so far (3 weeks...feels like months already) the weather has been gorgeous. Today it was a sunny Saturday, 86 degrees, no humidity. We had a fairly typical Saturday. Well, it's only our third saturday here. Can that count as typical?

We woke up late, got a late morning noodle breakfast, then headed to nearby Jiao Tong University for weekly Ultimate Frisbee. Although, I made friends with a bunch of guys playing football (American fb, not soccer) on the next field over and I think I'm defecting to their game next week. The Ultimate crew isn't too happy about that. After Ultimate, we headed over to BBle Study and then out to dinner. This week was all-you-can-eat buffet style Indonesian food at Bali Bistro. $10 USD. After dinner, we went to a gallery opening nearby. Shanghai has a pretty eclectic art scene and artists find all these hidden spaces within the city to hold shows. Pictures from Saturday:

1-3PM Ultimate. Faith(dallas, tx), DZ & Paul. 3:30PM - 5:30PM Bble Study.

6PM All-you-can-eat Indonesian food. Jessica, DZ and some random surprised man.

8PM - DZ, Rachel(atlanta, GA) & Faith, The Foundry Gallery, Rach & DZ inside

yes, that says what you think it says. there if i need it..and i just might.


  1. Alan, are you losing muscle? seems like all you eat is just noodles....

  2. That fruit ice looks sooo good =) mmmm...

  3. wow.... enjoy that anus hospital there