Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Firewall

(posted by Alan)
* Can't upload pictures directly to our site, so follow the link at the bottom to see pictures.

Ok, so there are TWO reasons why it's taken so long for us to update:
1) The Great fireWall. Blogspot, which we use to create our site is blocked in China, making it difficult to post. This shouldn't be a shock considering any outlet where people can express freely is under tight scrutiny over here. Youtube is also blocked. I think it's only a matter of time before Facebook is gone too. They may be back in time, but there's no telling when.
2) For some reason we've also been crazy busy the last few weeks.

We had our first official houseguests last week in the form of Ms. Sharon Kim and Brian Kim. No relation. They were actually the 3rd and 4th people to stay over at our place, but the first to really visit us here in Shanghai. We got to do some tourist stuff and try some new things throughout the city. We went to Shanghai Urban Planning Center which has small scale models of Shanghai in the past, present and future plans. There were a few, smaller detailed models, but on the third floor, there is a MASSIVE model of the entire city. Every building seemed accounted for. We even found our apartment building. It was majorly impressive. The next day we headed up to the top of the World Finanacial Center. It has the world's highest observatory (100 floors, 1,555 feet high), with glass bottom floors. I don't think i've ever been up that high before...and I'm not sure buildings are ever really supposed to be that high. But of course, being China, they're building an even taller one right next to it.
With the hopes of not turning this into a diary, check out the pictures by using the link below and read the captions...

We've also been busy with daily living. I got recruited into a softball league that is actually pretty competitive. Guys out here can play and the fields are AWESOME. We had a big triple header this past weekend and won all three to put us into second place going into the playoff tournament next weekend. They got me playing secondbase and shortstop.

We saw Wolverine and Star Trek, both in theaters. Wolverine was fun, but a pretty weak overall movie. Gambit is cool and everything, but was there actually any reason for him to be in this movie? Star Trek was worth seeing. Very well paced, lots of action but told a good story at the same time. But I don't know, are you hardcore Trekkie's pleased with it? That would be a cool movie to see in IMAX. Is it out on IMAX in New York? Theaters here are actually pretty nice. Assigned seating, very clean and Chinese subtitles for those of you who need it.

Alot of job stuff going on as well. The amount of different opportunities out here are remarkable. I have a few different options that I'm trying to decide between at the moment. They're so different, but so interesting and I'm actually kinda torn because I want to try them all. I guess as things pan out, I'll update on what I've actually gone with, but its exciting, challenging and even a bit stressful. But i guess its a good problem to have.

Thanks to our visitors, Sharon and Brian, it was fun and thanks for the art and the candy. Shout out also to Alan and Mike representing 110 and coming out to see us too. My cousin Nick just arrived in Shanghai yesterday...who's next?

Pictures: Click here


  1. dude.. glass floors?! in a building that high? instant pee in my pants. haha.. hope all is well over there! good luck and hopefully soon we can get some 415 representatives out there to visit... just promise not to take me to no buildings with glass floors. hahaha